The present regulations apply to the students of the QURAN ALIVE TRANSLATION COURSE. 


  • The Quran Alive Translation Course begins 19thJanuary 2021 and ends on 4th December 2021. The students will be informed about the schedule of all semesters including holidays in the first preparation week.  


Participation in the course of study  

  • The students can find the curriculum of Quran Alive, the descriptions of all modules on the website of academyalive.com. During the first week, students will be given information about the term’s examination period, course schedule, course contents, credit values and the requirement of the course. 
  • Students must attend the courses included in the curriculum at the given course location, and are expected to participate actively in classes. 
  • Non-attendance of class is only accepted if authorised by the subject’s teacher upon valid justification. 
  • Unjustified absence from a course, or any further absence (even if justified) may require the fulfilment of supplementary tasks set by the instructor of the given subject. 
  • Absence from any examinations without a valid reason results in a failure to complete the given course. 


  1. Exclusion of a student from the QURAN ALIVE Translation Course


The student acknowledges that he/she might be excluded from the course on the following grounds.  


Absence without prior authorisation or valid justification; 

Failure to complete required examinations in due course; 

He/she is the subject of a criminal lawsuit that hinders participation in the course; 

Termination of the course by the student’s fault or for unforeseen reasons. 


  • A stimulating and challenging learning and research environment
  • High quality teaching and supervision
  • Access to adequate facilities and resources sufficient for the achievement of their educational goals including and learner services. 
  • Regular feedback on academic progress
  • Be informed of penalties for late submission or non-submission of coursework
  • Be informed of any attendance requirements and the consequences of failure to attend classes and examinations 
  • Be informed of any changes to the programme in a timely fashion 
  • Clear explanations of unacceptable academic behaviour such as plagiarism, cheating, collusion, fabrication of data or breach of copyright
  • Access to their results in a timely fashion 
  • Give oral, written, online and video feedback about all modules and teachers of the QURAN ALIVE Program

There is a mandatory participation in programme surveys/evaluations, as well as in person and online promotional content.  


  1. Cost of the ACADEMY ALIVE QURAN ALIVE Translation Course


  1. Tuition fee

FULL TIME (On Campus) is $5000 per student, per year. 

-Fee Break down 

– $4,300 Tuition Fee 

– $300 Books (will not include volume 2 to 10 of the Quran workbook)

– $200 Registration 

– $200 Amenities & Facilities  

(Please note, there is an upfront cost of $500 for registration and books. The remainder of the tuition will be direct debited from your account either fortnightly or monthly. There is a separate form for this.)   


PART TIME (On campus) is $5000 per student, per year.  

– $4,300 Tuition Fee 

– $300 Books 

– $200 Registration 

– $200 Amenities & Facilities   

(Please note, there is an upfront cost of  $500 for registration and books. The remainder of the tuition will be direct debited from your account either fortnightly or monthly. There is a separate form for this.)   


Students have the choice to pay in the tuition in two ways. 

  1. Full tuition is paid in the beginning of the course or;
  2. The upfront cost and a direct debit from your bank account.


  1. Disputes, Disagreements Between the parties, Clauses. 


  • I agree that I am required to pay the full amount of course fees stipulated, regardless if I choose to leave the course.  
  • Academy Alive will not be held responsible for a student’s inability to complete a portion of the course. 
    • Fees and deposits are not transferrable to other students.
    • Students may be removed from the course due to non-compliance of these following conditions:
      1. students are responsible for
        1. their attendance.
        2. completing set homework.
        3. being punctual.
        4. Their writing stationary
        5. Having a phone with good connection
      2. Students will not
        1. Talk about private matters which happen in class to outsiders
        2. Speak bad about teachers, staff, or students


About Us

Since the inception of Academy Alive, we have continuously focused on two key factors, our curriculum and our students. We strive for excellence in connecting to our students academically and spiritually to help each student achieve their goals of connecting to the words of Allah


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