Helping you developed the skills
to live a fulfilling life

2021 enrolments closing soon
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Quran Alive in Class

Helping you developed the skillsto live a fulfilling life.

2021 enrolments closing soon
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You've made it!

You've made it!

  1. Register your interest
    in the online form.
  2. Speak to our friendly
    team about your next steps.
  3. Attend a discovery session with our experienced staff.

  1. Join your community
    of like-minded seekers.
  2. Learned our simplified
    methods: The 5 Universal Steps.
  3. Apply your skills through our tailored course publications.
  4. Translate the Quran
    with your newly acquired skills.

  1. Lead the fulfilling life of your
  2. Go the extra mile with
    a strong, healthy
    mind and body.
  3. Build and maintain
    positive genuine
  4. Take control of your
    wealth and live life on
    your terms.

This is just the beginning, the sky
is no longer the limit!

What you get out of this

Unrestricted access to qualified
scholars, who are ever willing to
go above and beyond for every

A library of course materials that
have been refined and tailored to
enhance your learning

A tailored curriculum to provide
you with the tools to succeed.

Master the fundamentals of
Arabic grammar enabling you to
understand the Quran

The option to study Full time or
Part time.

More importantly than
understanding, your mentors will
guide you to apply the teachings
of the Quran.

A community of like-mided
seekers who are driven
passionate and want the best for
each other.

The drive to achieve your biggest
dreams and beyond, through
your connection with the Quran

About Us

Since the inception of Academy Alive, we have continuously focused on two key factors, our curriculum and our students. We strive for excellence in connecting to our students academically and spiritually to help each student achieve their goals of connecting to the words of Allah


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