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Quran Alive Nahwu Textbook

The Quran Alive Nahwu Textbook is a fantastic touchstone for learning Arabic Nahwu Etymology, which concerns the origin of words and their evolving meanings over time. This context enables a richer, more accurate interpretation of the Quran, making it a key resource for Quran Alive course. This is an ideal reference point for beginners who wish to learn how to translate the Quran. By the end of the book, the reader will be able to recognise different types of words, plus break down and analyse sentences.

Quran Alive Sarf Textbook

Quran Alive Sarf Textbook is an integral element of the Quran Alive course material and the first step in the study of Morphology, which concerns how words are formed, pronounced and accu-rately communicated on a linguistic level. An excellent reference point for beginners seeking to translate the Quran; the reader will learn how to recognise the differences in verbs and how they affect their meaning.

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