there is no place like home

A True Story of Discovering your Backyard

An annual spiritual Journey

We are Academy Alive a group of enthusiastic and highly motivated Australians that got together from all walks of life. 

Despite our differences in both culture and profession we united in an aim of embarking on a spiritual journey breaking from our comfort zones to discover the grass root heroes within our backyard.

Connecting with Regional Communities Around Australia

Learning from inspiration community leaders to grow mentally, physically and spiritually to become the best versions of ourselves

Incredible Stories, of the pillars within our regional communities

Community members who have helped shape the regional communities around Australia. Their unique stories about overcoming adversities have inspired us to do even better and to give more. They are, without a doubt, legends of our society.

life, growth and contribution Passed on for the future generations.

The future generations learning to be successful through living the values and teachings shared to us in the Quran passed on from our elders.

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There is No Place Like Home VIP List.

Be among the first to view these first-hand interviews, experiences and documentations from inspirational community leaders around Australia, exploring the creation of Allah and witnessing nature in its purest form around the backyard that we all call home, Australia.

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About Us

Since the inception of Academy Alive, we have continuously focused on two key factors, our curriculum and our students. We strive for excellence in connecting to our students academically and spiritually to help each student achieve their goals of connecting to the words of Allah


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