We believe everyone deserves the strategies and tools to experience even more happier and fulfilling lives. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture in our programs and to overcome challenges for the growth of each and every individual, wherever they might be in their lives.

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QA In Class

Quran Alive: In-Class

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Quran Alive: Online

Alif Ba Ta

Alif Ba Ta

Quran Alive: In-Class

Immersive environment. A transformational journey.

This is a one year course which coaches you towards excellence in all facets of life through using the most significant manual to success, The Quran. This course exclusively runs in Brisbane, Australia. Hosting students who have travelled across Australia this course is our core specialty.

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Worried to Commit?

Learn everything you need to begin translating classical Arabic for FREE in a short, self paced course that can be done in less than two weeks!

Quran Alive: Online

Flexibility and Development at your finger tips

For our global community, we have designed a systematic approach that’s easy for everyone to digest — from beginners to advanced classical Arabic learners. You can start at any time of the year and progress at your desired speed. We aspire to equip everyone with the tools to understand The Quran.

Alif Ba Ta:

Alif Ba Ta is an online learning program designed to teach everyone how to read the Quran. Our course takes each student from the very basics to to being able to recite the Quran confidently and fluently.

Imam’s Corner Series:

Access in-depth analysis, history and explanation of the Quran with the traditional scholar Sheikh Uzair Akbar.