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Over a decade of research and development, the Quran Alive curriculum has been refined and systemised to produce world-class standards of education to cater for all learning styles. We have written and tailored our textbooks and workbooks to aid students in the practical application of theoretical knowledge to enrich our curriculum.

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We believe in accessibility for all despite one’s faith or practice.

Our Real Talk Podcast is a community podcasts for all viewers of our multicultural society seeking to bridge discussions and communications with the Brisbane community. Parallel to this, we run Islamic educational programs and discussions to provide the enhancement of traditional sacred Islamic knowledge for all who wish to seek it.

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Success Stories: students ranging from non-English speaking households, full-time workers, retirees, and also university students have successfully undergone the Academy Alive curriculum.

We believe in every individual’s right to choose their future, and enact that via facilitating the platforms for spiritual development. We believe that all are due the opportunity to study sacred Islamic knowledge and to strive for growth, regardless of an individual’s past decisions.

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Since the inception of Academy Alive, we have continuously focused on two key factors, our curriculum and our students. We strive for excellence in connecting to our students academically and spiritually to help each student achieve their goals of connecting to the words of Allah


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